Dirk Braeckman

Belgian photographer Dirk Braeckman is famous for his dark, enigmatic images and experimentation with printing techniques, exploring different textures, materials, and exposures. Braeckman shoots only analogue, and always showcases his images unglazed and uncovered.

Dirk Braeckman, Z.Z.-T.T.-17 #2, 2017 © the artist and courtesy of Zeno X Gallery, Antwerp

All images © Dirk Braeckman / Courtesy of Zeno X Gallery, Antwerp

Mark Gowing

Sydney based Mark Gowing is one of the Australia’s most respected graphic designer and artist. His work showcased through both corporate and arts based clients with a focus on emotional communication defined by considered design and custom typography.

Here are a selection of Gowing’s work.

Formist Publishers 

Live at the Loft- “Live at the Loft. Live at the Loft is a series of live monthly broadcasts of live music performances on Sydney’s 2SER radio.”

Circa 2014 –Identity system for the Circa 2014 series from Preservation Music. Circa is a series of abstract releases that form an artful snapshot in time.”

We Need to Talk About Kevin Hopscotch Films, Promotional campaign for We Need To Talk About Kevin.

Braun 55-95 –  das programm, Systems exhibition “The poster consists of “Braun 55–95” set in a typeface constructed using a strict grid of modular circular units.”

Pimmon – music poster for Preservation Music release of Pimmon’s Smudge Another Yesterday.

Don’t wanna be a bum you’d better chew gum

FirstCut Studio – “An identity system for a music composition and sound-post company based in Sydney”

Describing the relationship between movements – Fine art, carbon toner on paper.

The sky calls to us – Fine art, carbon toner on paper.

Labelled – Ready-made stickers on laser plotter prints.