Francisco Ugarte

I recently discovered this amazing Mexican artist Francisco Ugarte,  lives and works in Guadalajara. Ugarte uses lines, forms, space and light to create beauty and serenity.

Untitled (White Neon), 2009, Neon light

Untitled (Oaxaca), 2009, Black painting and black glass

Untitled (Light Boxes), 2010, 5 light boxes and paper

Paper Sculpture, 2013, Bockingford paper and letter size sheets

Untitled (Objects From the Studio), 2013, Furniture, boxes, desk lamps and wood

I Wish I Could Paint A Beautiful Landscape 7 Times, 2013, Oil and acrylic on canvas

Dialogue (Pencil and Sunlight), 2007, Digital print

Untitled (Process) 1, 2014, Acrylic paint on cardboard

Untitled (Lines Series), 2013, Graphite on paper

Untitled (Black and White Reflections), 2003 Digital prints and clear glass

Self-Portrait (Drawing), 2012, Graphite and charcoal on paper

Untitled (Light Box with Slides), 2014, 108 intervened slides on a light box

ntitled (Projections at Ground Level), 2011, Projectors and slides

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