Femme Fatale

Halloween is coming.  Here is 10 of my favourite beautiful and deadly on screen female killers and villains.

Nicole Horner and Christina Delassalle in “Les Diabolique” (1955) by Henri-Georges Clouzot

Carol Ledoux in “Repulsion”, 1965 by Roman Polanski

Bonnie Parker in “Bonnie and Clyde”, 1967 by Arthur Penn

Matsu Sasori  in "Female Convict 702: Scorpion", (1972) by Shunya Ito

Matsu Sasori  in “Female Convict 702: Scorpion”, (1972) by Shunya Ito

Carrie in “Carrie”, 1976 by Brian de Palma

Catherine Tramell in “Basic Instinct”, 1992 by Paul Verhoeven

Hedra Carlson in “Single White Female”, 1992 by Barbet Schroeder

Mallory Knox in “Natural Born Killers”, 1994 by Oliver Stone

Asami Yamazki in “Audition” 1999 by Takashi Miike

Anna in “Martyrs”, 2008 by Pascal Laugier 

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