Month: September 2014


“The soul of photography is the encounter,”  – Alberto García-Alix.

From the end of Franco’s dictatorship in the early 1970s in Spain, through newly gained liberties in the mid-1980s and on to the present day, Garcia-Alix has been photographing the life as he is living it, his friends, lovers and people passing through. The gritty and intimate images are the photographic biography of himself, as biker, rocker, lover and addict.

All images courtesy ©2014 Alberto Garcia Alix

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Fyodor Dostoevsky Theater of Dramatic Art by Vladimir Somov

The Fyodor Dostoevsky Theater of Dramatic Art, a surreal masterpiece by Vladimir Somov, designed to echo the primitive religious architecture of Veliky Novgorod, is surrounded by a spacious esplanade made up of modular motifs that repeat those of the construction itself. The column, which balanced the ensemble, was razed in 2008 because of its use by would-be suicides.

Ivan Navarro

Ivan Navarro is one of the most important contemporary Chilean artists. He is known for his neon sculptures made of fluorescent tubes that politically undermine the Minimalist style.

Behind the colourful fluorescent tubes, Navarro’s works often make a powerful allusion to political events in his native Chile and to systems of control and repression the world over.

Death Row 2009

Death Row 2009

Electric Chair

Die 2009

Nowhere Man 8, 2009

Untitled (Sears Tower)


Drums 2009

Shout 2012

Circular Tip

HUH. x adidas Originals present Nic Hamilton – Circular Tip

“Circular Tip”, the new video by London visual artist Nic Hamilton was filmed in a desolate barren wasteland and soundtracked by the dark electronic music by Kane Ikin.


“Passengers”, is a book by John Schabel, the New York based photographer, featuring the voyeuristic portraiture project of anonymous airplane passengers. The portraits were taken in the mid-90s without the passenger’s permission using a zoom lens.

Through the small windows of the plane, Schabel’s grainy, melancholy black and white photographs depict people entirely wrapped up in their own thoughts and emotions before takeoff.