Month: May 2014

Nicolas Bruno And His Beautiful Nightmares

Nicolas Bruno suffers from sleep paralysis, a state in which he’s unable to move and is haunted by nightmarish visions. “I have experienced bone chilling hallucinations and extreme terror during these dreams,” he says. “Faceless silhouetted figures, embraces from shadow-like hands, warping of reality around me – all while completely paralyzed.” Nicolas started recreating these terrifying hallucinations in his photos, overcoming his fear and discovering the creative power of conceptual photography.

To see more of Nicolas’s incredible work, visit his website:

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Laurie Simmons and her world of dolls

New York based artist Laurie Simmons, known for her photographic work of miniature and live-size dolls, paper cut-outs, puppets and dummies, portraying them as ‘living objects’ in a highly conceptual manner. Simmons’ symoblic photographs conveyed a bittersweet nostalgia for the 1950s, at the same time exposing the social issues such as consumerism and feminism in the postwar American culture.



LONG HOUSE 2002 – 2004
THE LOVE DOLL 2009 – 2011
Kigurumi, Dollers and How We See 2014


“KIGURUMI AND DOLLERS”, an exhibition of Laurie Simmons’ latest work is now showing at the Wilkinson Gallery.

Images curtsey ©Laurie Simmons  and ©Wilkinson Gallery



Happy Birthday to Henri Rousseau

Today is the 170th  birthday of French painter and Post-Impressionist mastermind, Henri Rousseau. Best known for his fanciful jungle landscapes and primitivist works.

Extraordinarily, Rousseau never actually saw the tropical scenes as he never left France. His exotic jungle paintings are the fantasies of a city dweller.

All images are from Henri

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Alfons Schilling – Rotationsbilder

I wanted not only that the painter moves, but also the painting“. – Alfons Schillings.

In the 1960’s, the Swiss born, Vienna based painter Schilling, influenced by American “action painting”, became one of the first artists interested in ‘Rotationsbilder’ (spin-paintings); paintings produced on large vertical discs, turning at speeds up to 3 times a second. This technique has been used since by many artists including Damien Hirst

Alfons Schilling in studio, 1962