Wearable Art by Atelier Ted Noten

Ted Noten is a Dutch jewellery designer and conceptual artist.  Best known for his intricately sculpted accessories, such as a pendent featuring a mouse wearing a small pearl necklace, and his acrylic handbags containing guns. Since 2005, Noten and his design team, Atelier Ted Noten has broadened their repertoire to include other design objects and art installations.

Turbo Princess

Turbo Princess, the conceptual piece Noten designed in 1995 –  a pendant featuring a mouse wearing a pearl necklace encased in acrylic. The piece gained him international notoriety and the iconic ‘Princess mouse has become a recurring theme in his work.

The physical impossibility of wealth in the mind of someone owning

Murdered Innocence attaché case

In 2012, Atelier Ted Noten introduced the ‘7 Necessities‘, a collection of essential items for the ‘Modern Woman’. In Noten’s own words: “What does every woman needs in a survival kit, under any imaginable circumstance, in order to ‘be her own man’ without forfeiting her femininity…”.

The 7 objects are crafted in a 3D printer in nylon and hand decorated with precious stones, silver and gold.

Trophy Helmet

Trophy Helmet: The rabbit fur-lined helmet contains tools for finding ‘eternal love’, which includes a radar device and a telescope.

Chastity Belt

Purse of Wonders

Interior of the Purse of Wonders

Purse of Wonders: A fold-out purse with whale sperm oil for anti-wrinkles, wedding rings, drug paraphernalia, and a crystal ball to predict the near future.

Dior 002 Gun

Inside view of Dior 002 Gun

Dior 002 Gun, The White Edition:  This handgun conceals a 4gb thumb drive for snapshots, personal data and corporate secrets; it also hides a Dior lip-gloss, a sparkling diamond, various white pills and other necessities any worldly woman would like to carry with her.


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