Inside Llewyn Davis

The latest film  from the Coen brothers  was inspired by the memoirs of Dave van Ronk, the folk musician, who was working at bars at Greenwich Village at the same time as Bob Dylan and Allen Ginsberg.  The film follows a week in the frustrating life of the young folk singer, Llewyn Davis, who is struggling to make his mark.

This film is one of the finest Coen brothers creations. It’s smart, funny and melancholy!

Excellent performance by Oscar Isaac as the hopeless, down  on luck singer.

‘A folk singer with a cat’! The film won’t be the same without Ulysses, the gorgeous ginger cat. 

Llewyn Davis and Ulysses, the ginger cat

Great cast, great performances, as you would expect from Coen Brothers films.   

Roland Turner (played by John Goodman), the jazz musician with a drug addiction and Troy Nelson (played by Stark Sands) are my favorite supporting characters.

John Goodman as Roland Turner

Stark Sands as Troy Nelson

Inside Lleywn Davis is now showing in cinemas across London.

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